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      Vacuum pump manufacturers specializing i

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      Screw-roots  Vacuum Pump Units

      Screw-roots Vacuum Pump Units

      - Screw-roots Vacuum Pump Units

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      Environmental protection and energy saving, high vacuum, good quality, sealing options are available! Yantai Volm has developed a new dry screw Roots vacuum unit for the characteristics of polyurethane resin and fine chemicals. It is mainly used in vacuum feeding, polyol reaction, drying and concentration processes to replace the original water. Ring vacuum pump.

      ■ Screw Roots unit features

      1.Environmental assessment is passed. Using Dry screw vacuum pump,the recycled material has high purity and can be 100% recycled without pollution, and no sewage treatment is needed in the later stage;

      2.Save energy. Compared with energy saving of more than 40%, water saving is more than 90%;

      Vacuum unit power

      Unit typeMotor PowerAnnual electricity consumption (8 hours per day)Annual electricity bill (0.5 yuan per kWh)
      Water ring roots unit75KW+7.5KW=82.5KW240900度120450元
      Screw-roots unit18.5KW+11KW+4KW=33.5KW97820度48910元

      It can save 143,080 degrees of electricity and reduce the cost of 71,240 yuan per year;

      3.The vacuum is high.The ultimate vacuum of Water ring roots unit is 200Pa.The ultimate vacuumof Screw-roots unit can reach 1Pa, which greatly shortens the reaction time;

      4.Greatly improve product quality and purity. The water content of the product can be reduced from the original 0.4% to the current 0.0012%;

      5.Adapt to the environment and have strong capabilities. Because the summer water temperature high water ring pump can not reach the pre-vacuum demanded by the Roots pump, the water ring Roots unit can not start, andThis situation of Screw-roots unit can be completely avoided;

      6.Long lasting. The gas contact parts are coated with Teflon, nickel and Hastelloy to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the pump;

      7.Low noise and low vibration.The two rotors of Screw vacuum pump are subjected to strict dynamic balance correction, and a reasonable gap is left between the two rotors. Therefore, the rotor does not collide when the pump is working, and the operation is stable and the noise is low;

      8.Low failure rate and easy maintenance. The design structure is simple, no mechanical seal is used, no frequent failures due to pollution, easy maintenance and repair.

      Typical Application

      ■ Roots screw vacuum pump unit Typical applications: chemical and pharmaceutical, semiconductor, solvent recovery, molding, crystallization, dry etching, sputtering, steam recovery, high-altitude simulation

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