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      Vacuum pump manufacturers specializing i

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      Yantai Volm Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.Formally registered in 2002, specializing in the production of water ring vacuum pump, dry screw vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump and vacuum unit _ vacuum system complete sets of equipment, products are widely used in pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, sugar, alcohol, sewage treatment, etc. The industry, through more than a decade of development and growth, has become an influential supplier of complete vacuum products in the industry.

      In order to better segment the market, we are looking for cooperative agents nationwide.(Dry screw vacuum pumpAnd complete sets of products), the requirements are as follows:

      1. Passionate, patient, honest, willing to lead the vacuum industry market with Volm vacuum;

      2. Engaged in the vacuum industry for more than three years, has a certain local market base, and has a good credit history.

      3. A certain fund base is required to ensure the market starts.

      For partner agents, we will provide high performance products and dealer services.

      Contact:Zhao Zong